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Drain inspection, drain cleaning & home inspection services at an unparalleled level.
Prevention CP. is a locally owned business in the Montreal area. We strive for perfection to be the best in our industry. With years of experience in the field of drain service, drain inspections, home inspections and our immense knowledge of the city we call home, there is no other experience like the Prevention CP experience. Why trust your home in anyone else's hands, other than to someone who understands your home from the roof all the way to its underground drainage systems?

At Prevention CP, prevention is our #1 priority. Whether buying or selling a home, or if you have a problem with the building's drainage systems, we are here to serve you at the highest standards.

Our Team

Denny Melo - Building Inspector / Drain Specialist / COO

Denny is the co-founder, chief operating officer, building inspector and drain specialist at Prevention CP. Denny is an expert in his field, from building inspection, drainage system inspection, diagnostics, drain path locating and cleaning. As a building inspector with over 7000 building inspections, 17 years of building inspection experience, 3 years of carpentry and construction experience and 3 years in drainage system services, Denny's leadership and knowledge of a building is a massive asset to the Prevention CP team!

John Sebastian Onofre - CEO / General Manager

John is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Prevention CP. From pre-purchase/pre-sale or general home health inspections to blocked sewer lines, slow drainage, blocked French drains or humidity in your basement, whichever your problem may be, John understands your situation. John is an OACIQ licensed real estate agent, has over 10 years experience in the automotive mechanics field, 3 years experience in building inspection and 3 years experience in drainage system services. It's safe to say that the leaders of Prevention CP have seen a lot on both sides of the field when it comes to homes!

Normand Despins - Building Inspector / Drain Specialist

If a human being could be split into two, Normand would be Denny's other half (when were talking about building inspectors of course)! Normand's work ethic on the field is identical to that of Denny. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game in his mind, all while providing an unparalleled service. His razor sharp eye, hands on skill and unbiased opinion has been guiding his clients, followers and business associates for over 7 years and over 2000 inspections/services. Feel free to call for Normand and experience what a true building inspection, drain inspection or drain cleaning should be!

Samuel D. Asselin - Building Inspector

Sam's is a licensed inspector with Prevention CP and has spent the majority of his time prior to becoming a member of Prevention CP, working for various aeronautic engineering firms in his domain of expertise (mechanical engineering from 2016-2020). When you combine Sam's work ethic, knowledge, natural attention to detail and experience as a mechanical engineer, you get the ultimate inspector. Feel free to call for Sam and experience what a true professional and knowledgeable inspector should be!

The Prevention CP Experience - Services

Home Inspection

The Prevention CP home inspection experience. An experience like no other inspection company in Québec. All of our building inspectors are InterNACHI Québec certified and follow all guidelines and obligations of the OACIQ.
1. Inspection service information:
Condo inspections require approximately 1-2 hour inspection times and report lengths are approximately 30-60 pages.
Houses/2-3 plex inspections require approximately 3-5 hour inspection times and report lengths are approximately 70-110 pages on average.
2. Average report turnover time is between 48-72 hours.
3. What is inspected?
Condo: Private portions and items only (Electrical, heating systems, plumbing, windows, doors, etc).
House/2-3 plex: Exterior, roof (if accessible), foundation, attic, accessible structural components, electrical, heating systems, plumbing, doors, windows, etc.
4. Inspection costs? Fees vary on size and age of the property, please call/text/email us for a quote and more information!

Drain Service/Inspection

The Prevention CP drain service/inspection experience. An experience like no other drain company in Québec.
1. How long is a drain inspection or cleaning?
-Drain inspection or cleaning approx. 30 minutes to 2 hours on average
2. What do we inspect?
-Main sewer lines, sanitary lines below the basement slab, French drains, anti back flow valve locating and more.
3. What do we clean/service/unblock?
-Main sewer lines, sanitary lines below the basement slab, sinks, showers, toilets and more.
-French drains (depending on the blockage or issue)
4. Service costs? Fees vary on duration of the job, please call/text/email us for a quote!
5. Emergency unblocking services are offered.
6. General drain inspection info: French drains and sewer lines can subdue to defect at any time, regardless of the age of the property. Defective French drains or defective sewer lines below the concrete slab can create humidity/water infiltration issues in the basement. Also, defective exterior sewer lines or missing anti back flow valves can cause sewer back ups in the basement. All of our drain inspections come with a written PDF report! For more information, please feel free to contact us!


At Prevention CP, we try and keep things simple.
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