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Home and Drain inspections, at another level
Prevention CP. is a family owned business in the Montreal area. We strive for perfection to be the best Montreal home inspection and drain inspection company. With years of experience in the field of home and drain inspections and our immense knowledge of the city we call home, there is no other experience like the Prevention CP experience.

At Prevention CP, prevention is our #1 priority. Whether buying or selling a home, or if you have a problem with the building structure or drainage systems, we are here to serve you at the highest standards.


Denny Melo - The house whisperer

One truly does not know what a thorough home inspection is until they see Denny at work. With 15 years inspection experience, 7000+ inspections completed, back ground in construction and carpentry, knowledge of old and new buildings be it condos, homes or plexes, Denny's seen nearly everything. Not to mention his vast knowledge of municipalities with regional specific issues such as soil instability, pyrite, iron ocre and much more. Why trust anyone else with your investment, other then someone who already knows what he's looking for and what type of surprises he can expect, before he steps foot on the property? Call for Denny and experience for yourself as to why he is one of the most popular and well known inspectors in the Greater Montreal region!

John Sebastian Onofre - The drain guy

John specializes in underground drainage system inspections. From sewer lines, french drains, floor drains, anti-back flow valves or any drain that passes underground and even in the walls, John can locate them and diagnose them. John utilizes only the top of the line Ridgid inspection equipment in combination with his vast knowledge to diagnose the most simple to the most complex drain situations. John takes pride in being a specialist who understands current plumbing and municipal regulation and who understands iron ocre, radon and even water tables in our ever changing climate. Not to mention, he's not a sales man trying to up sale his clients to an unnecessary drain replacement when it's not needed. He is an inspector who has only his clients best interest at heart.

The Prevention CP Experience - Services

Home Inspection

The Prevention CP home inspection experience. An experience like no other inspection company in Québec. Literally.
Condo, home and plex inspection. What to expect?
1. Inspection duration?
-Condos 1-2 hour inspection on average
-Homes 3-4 hour inspection on average
-Duplex/Triplex 4-5 hour inspection on average
2. Our reports? Average size reports for:
-Condo 40-60 pages, Home 80-160 pages, Plex 100-160 pages
3. Average report turnover time is between 24-72 hours.
4. Inspection costs? Fees vary on size and age of the property, please text/email us for the appropriate quote!
5. Bottom line, we never sacrifice quality and genuinely inspect every property as if it was our own investment. We mean it.

Drain Inspection

The Prevention CP drain inspection experience. An experience like no other drain company in Québec. Literally.
What to expect during a drain inspection?
1. Inspection duration?
-45 minutes to 1.5 hours on average depending the scenario
2. Drain inspection report?
-The drain inspection report is provided in written form, on site and a USB key with videos and photos from what we've seen is also included with the report.
3. Inspection costs vary depending on the inspection, please text/email us for the appropriate quote!
4. What can we inspect?
-Sewer lines, french drains, any underground drainage system, anti back flow valves and other drain applications.
5. Bottom line, we have a bunch of fancy equipment with a fancy specialist who's ready to tackle whatever fancy drain diagnostics you need!

Radon Testing

What is radon? Radon is a radioactive gas that forms from uranium present naturally in Earth’s crust. Radon is found in soil, everywhere on Earth’s surface. Levels of radon in the soil can vary greatly from one place to another. Radon can also be present in groundwater.

Is it dangerous? Radon is a toxic and potentially deadly gas that can cause lung cancer if concentration levels reach over 200 Bq/m3 (unit of measure). In the event that radon levels reach over 200 Bq/m3, Health Canada recommends that remedial actions are taken within two years. In the event that radon levels reach over 600 Bq/m3, Health Canada recommends that remedial action be taken within one year.

The diagram on the left taken from the Canadian Cancer Society's Information Package, demonstrates how Radon infiltrates homes.

How would radon enter my home? Radon can infiltrate buildings through dirt floors, cracks in concrete slab or foundation walls, drains, sump pits, crawlspaces, openings around vent pipes and service lines and pipe fittings. For example: faucets can in fact be a point of entry for radon coming from groundwater rich in the gas. Hence, they can contribute to increasing levels of radon in indoor air. Given it is a gas with no smell, taste or color, it is impossible to detect with our senses.

How do I proceed with radon testing? We offer a short term testing solution, preferably used prior to a real estate transaction. The testing duration is 48h-96h. However, we do recommend that if test results show a borderline reading that a long term 3 month to 12 month test be put into action to get a more precise result.

Inspection availability: 24-48h within moment of contact. Contact us for specific availabilities. Emergency situations will always be considered.

Report availability: The entire procedure averages 30 days. (Including shipping and lab testing times)


At Prevention CP, we try and keep things simple. To book an inspection you may send us a text message to 514-449-3185, an email to or call us and leave a voice message! If you wish to speak to us directly, just make the request in your message and we will call you.
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